9 months ago

I've donated a few times. I think the 1 star review from a Trumpist should count as a third 5 star review.


10 months ago

Due to the biased opinion above, this review should be deleted. Review should be deleted. DELETE THE ONE STAR REVIEW AND GET SOMEONE WHO ISNT A STAUNCH REPUBLICAN TO REVIEW THE GROUP,


10 months ago

I was asked to submit a review of this website, so here I am. OK, I am biased because I am a Republican! So I believe this website, which I spent time looking at, is based on lies or at the least, media rumors that are unsubstantiated. For example, they state they don't want the Russians interfering in our elections. Well, I don't either. However, wasn't that what the Mueller trial was all about? And President Trump was not indicted! Some people just simply HATE TRUMP. That is their entire focus. He could invent a cure for cancer AND COVID-19, and they would still hate him.
The media has played a terrible role in this hatred. If everyone would just evaluate their own life and circumstances and determine whether President Trump ACTUALLY DID ANYTHING TO HURT THEM PERSONALLY, maybe we could have a government that really worked together!

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