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SHAREit is a popular file-sharing app that allows users to transfer files and media between devices quickly and effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and impressive features, SHAREit has gained widespread popularity among users looking for a convenient and efficient way to share files wirelessly. In this article, we will explore the various features and benefits of the SHAREit app, discuss its pros and cons, present user reviews, and suggest alternative apps that offer similar functionalities.

Features & Benefits

  1. Fast and Efficient File Transfer:SHAREit enables users to transfer files, documents, photos, videos, and more between devices at lightning-fast speeds, without the need for an internet connection. With its direct device-to-device transfer technology, users can send large files in a matter of seconds, making it an ideal solution for those seeking quick and hassle-free file sharing.
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility:One of the standout features of SHAREit is its ability to work seamlessly across different platforms. Whether you’re using an Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device, SHAREit allows you to share files between devices regardless of their operating systems. This cross-platform compatibility eliminates the need for cables, email attachments, or cloud storage services, streamlining the file-sharing process.
  3. Remote File Access and Control:SHAREit goes beyond simple file sharing by providing users with remote file access and control features. Users can remotely access files and folders on their computer from their mobile device, enabling them to view, download, and manage files on the go. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to access important documents or media files from their computer while away from their desk.
  4. Secure and Private Sharing:SHAREit prioritizes user privacy and security by offering secure file transfers. The app uses a secure connection and encryption protocols to ensure that files are transferred safely between devices. Additionally, users can protect their shared files with passwords, adding an extra layer of security to their sensitive data.
  5. Media Player and Online Content:SHAREit also includes a built-in media player that allows users to enjoy music and videos directly within the app. Furthermore, the app provides access to a wide range of online content, including music, videos, wallpapers, and GIFs, making it a versatile platform for both file sharing and entertainment.


  • Fast and Efficient: SHAREit lives up to its promise of fast file transfer speeds, allowing users to share files quickly and effortlessly. This is particularly useful when transferring large files or multiple files simultaneously.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: SHAREit’s ability to connect and transfer files across different platforms sets it apart from many other file sharing apps. Users can seamlessly share content between Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, eliminating compatibility issues.
  • No Internet Connection Required: The offline sharing feature of SHAREit is a significant advantage, enabling users to share files even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. This makes it a valuable tool for users in remote locations or when traveling.
  • User-Friendly Interface: SHAREit provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and transfer files. The app’s intuitive design ensures a smooth user experience, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • No File Size Limitations: Unlike some other file sharing methods, SHAREit does not impose any limitations on file sizes. Users can transfer large files, such as high-resolution videos or entire folders, without encountering any restrictions.


  • Privacy Concerns: In the past, SHAREit has faced criticism regarding its privacy practices. The app has been known to collect and share user data, including personal information and browsing history. It is important for users to be cautious and review the app’s privacy settings before using it.
  • Adverts and Notifications: SHAREit includes advertisements and notifications that can be intrusive and disruptive to the user experience. Some users find these ads annoying and may prefer a more streamlined file sharing app without excessive promotional content.
  • Complex Installation Process: While SHAREit offers a straightforward user interface, the initial installation process can be somewhat complicated for first-time users. Some users have reported difficulties in setting up the app or connecting devices for the first time.
  • Lack of File Management Options: Although SHAREit provides basic file organization features, it lacks advanced file management options. Users who require more extensive file organization capabilities may find the app’s features limited in this regard.
  • Inconsistent Performance: While SHAREit generally provides fast file transfer speeds, some users have reported occasional performance issues, such as slow transfers or failed connections. These inconsistencies can be frustrating for users who rely on the app for seamless file sharing.

Apps Like SHAREit

Zapya:?Zapya allows users to share files wirelessly between devices without an internet connection. It supports cross-platform sharing and offers additional features like QR code sharing and a built-in video player.

Xender:?Xender is a popular file-sharing app that allows users to transfer files between devices at high speeds. It supports cross-platform sharing and offers features like a file manager and a built-in media player.

Send Anywhere:?Send Anywhere enables users to send files of any size to any device, even without an account. It provides secure and encrypted file transfers and works across various platforms.


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SHAREit offers a convenient and efficient solution forsharing files between devices. With its fast transfer speeds, cross-platform compatibility, remote file access, and secure sharing features, it has become a popular choice among users. While it has its pros, such as its versatility and privacy measures, it also has its cons, including occasional connection issues and the requirement for both parties to have the app installed. Overall, SHAREit is a reliable tool for quick file sharing, especially for smaller files.

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