7 months ago

Bought their facebra to compress my double chin – don鈥檛 ask lol.

After paying them what I thought was a discounted promotional price of 拢16.50 on line, I found it listed all over the place being sold by third party agents for as little as 拢4.00. It clearly pays to do your research first.

Anyway, it arrived about 10 days later and to cut to the chase, it doesn鈥檛 fit. It鈥檚 clearly designed for women and doesn鈥檛 fit most men鈥檚 heads. The fact that it was pink should have been a clue regarding its target demographic but you live and learn. Sigh!

I duly asked for a return and refund, only to be told that their policy only permits refunds if the goods were damaged.

I鈥檝e now reminded them of UK Distance Selling Regulations that allow customers to return goods for ANY reason within 14 days of receipt and now await their response.

I also told them that PayPal and my Credit Card company will support the legislation and refund me if they won鈥檛 – after suspending payment if I raise a dispute.

I鈥檒l now give them 48 hours to reply before raising the dispute.

Update: A supervisor has now written to apologise and provide a returns address in 鈥楢ustralia鈥? I wonder how much postage is from the UK?

P.S. You should take a moment to read their FAQ鈥檚. They contravene every piece of UK returns legislation.

Buyer Beware!

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