3 years ago

I purchased a replica paid $133 for it…but my card was charged 140 claiming exchange differences and bank comissions. Then i received the watch with defect and i was told by these smart ass people to take the watch to my local shop to get it fixed. They even refuse to cover the repair charge in form of refund.
Do not buy from them period.


3 years ago

It's true,do not buy from this site,it's bull$#*!,the watch I received looked nothing like what was shown,not even close,cheap,cheap,cheap,worth about 20 dollar's,I've dealt with other sites and had good results,but these people are straightup ripoff operators…no not trust,do not buy… Don't make the same mistake u made…


3 years ago

Do not order from this site. I've bought many replica watches to take on trips with me for security purpose. These watches they sell are so cheap even my 9 year old can see the difference. I asked for a refund and a "lisa" just told me that shes willing to send me $10 so I CAN SHUT UP.



3 years ago

I bought a watch on this website one month ago.
I got it after ordered 10 days.
This is first time i bought on website, fortunately, i got it.
And it is work well till now.


4 years ago

Beware. Dont use this company. I ordered two watches and they sent me two that were not what I ordered. I sent them emails about this and they mentioned it was due to their manufacturing parts sources. Nothing to do with me as I made notes on the order stating that the watches I ordered need to look exactly like the pictures they claim to have taken from their factory. Also note that one watch, the hour and minute hand are misaligned so you can never tell the right time. The second watch has the wrong bezel and doesnt work at all. I wind it and shake the automatic movement and it runs for a second and stops. They claim best quality but these are $20-30 watches and beware if they even work or not.
2nd watch that doesnt work. Not sure where this bezel came from but it is not a Daytona vintage Paul Newman style that I ordered. It shows 1000 miles per hour or even km per hours on the bezel which in 1960s when this Rolex model came out is ludicrous. BUYER BEWARE.
I am currently in dispute with them to get a refund and to get these junk watches shipped back.

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