Factory Outlet Store

1 year ago

The prices are certainly good, but hope you never have to work with their customer service.

Ordered a smartwatch through them. Barely worked – battery life was way below what was advertised (draining 10x faster). Sent it back for a replacement, suddenly every excuse under the sun appeared – 'we don't operate in the UK' (it's a UK phone number), 'that's an invalid order number' (I have correspondence with them where they knew exactly what order I was talking about), and rudely hung up on me midway through without even describing what was going on. I tried to call back and they hung up on me as soon as I started speaking!

After a while they finally got back to me via email, and replaced my watch with a functioning one. The customer service was so bad to the point I was convinced it was a scam – certainly didn't fill me with trust. In the end we got there, though.

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