2 weeks ago

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. IT IS A SCAM. I placed an order for two items and was notified weeks later that one of my items was out of stock after clearly available when I first placed my order. They contacted me to select a different item and was not given to have the amount for the unavailable item refunded. I chose a replacement item and followed up on my delivery of my item several weeks later. The email response I received back indicated my items were "lost due to force of nature" and that my two items are now discontinued and that I need to select two new items. I responded to refund my account in full. This company is apparently a fraud and simply buying time. I regret not reading the reviews prior to my purchase. I trusted the source only because they were advertised on Instagram. I am contacting both my credit card carried to report this company to be a fraud and obtain a full refund as well as reporting them on Instagram.


3 weeks ago

***** FADSME = Untrustworthy! *****
Another bad experience with a vendor advertised on Facebook!!
Now I found myself fighting for my monies as the tracking number showing as 鈥渄elivered鈥?included a very cheap item NON RELATED to any clothing article in my order. Now FADSME replied 鈥渟orry you didn鈥檛 like it鈥?.. what??!! This was never in my order to begin with..
It鈥檚 very frustrating …moreover when vendor is at different time zone and there is no customer service to call; an issue that has unfortunately become more frequent nowadays.
It鈥檚 been now 30 days since the order was placed but I trust that PayPal will handle this dispute fairly as I will escalate expecting full refund.
Should this effort go sour I will then approach CITI, the credit card used for payment, and ask them to get involved in this investigation.


2 months ago

It鈥檚 a SCAM! Never received my order. No reply from the company. Order FD-2216-VIP For 200$

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