8 months ago

I gave 1 star because 0 is not possible. STAY AWAY
The product arrived in the end after a month and the helmet is nice, but I had the worst delivery experience ever.
They do not answer to mails (up to 10 days) and when they do – it is to wrong emails.
I tried to contact them so many times when my stuff didn't arrive. No reactions. When, after 4 weeks, my status of the order changed to "you package might be lost, you can request a refund now even though it might still arrive", I did so. But they also ignored that and after another week I got the 2nd ever received email from them: 'you package is at the post'. Just this 1 sentence. They didn't even mention that I already requested a refund a week ago. There was not even an address of which post. And it should have been delivered. Now I could drive around and look for my helmet at which post dear Fahrradgigant dropped my package.
It cost me more time and money than any delivery ever. Oh and even though I should have got my money back, somehow they got away with it. This should not be possible. (PS. I ordered also with other sellers during the Corona time. Most were a bit late. No problem. But it took them a month to send a package to Austria and they don't have any customer service.)
I ordered through Amazon and not bloody Wish. Amazon shows off with good customer service, and they always replied promptly and very nice, but they didn't do anything in the end. My case got evaluated and denied. I asked back for the delivery cost as a compensation, but big Amazon couldn't do anything? I don't believe that. FAHRRADGIGANT is on their platform and not the other way around.

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