6 months ago

Poor organisation.
Stupendous range of materials.
Ordered five bags of aggregate of a particular size; two bags turned up, both of the wrong size. One of them, even though it was on top, had split, and, about a quarter of the smaller aggregate had fallen into, and consequently, through, the larger aggregate, meaning it shall have to be arduously sived, in blazing Summer heat.
They were also only delivered that day, because they arrived on the wrong day; the right day, after we'd waited in for hours, was marked down as a collection, not as a delivery; which we didn't know till we 'phoned, in the afternoon, since they didn't arrive, either, to collect the nothing that was waiting for them: we'd been told they might arrive from "8" am.; so for all this pleasure, we'd been up for hours.
If the huge range of materials were delivered to the right place, on the right day, there'd be no need, as they chose to do, to return the Delivery charge; so they suffered themselves from this, and should surely agree, therefore, how regrettable it all was. But we really must remember that, to some, money is not 'compensation', as we haven't offered to put our frustration, inconvenience, and now sweat, up for sale. Currency is not a solution.

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