4 years ago

I wanted to let everyone know about this website for several reasons.
After reading reviews of 'citydata' on sitejabber, I was reminded of fxunderground and all the trolls and racist rhetoric that haunt that site.
It is a forum style of site, not a company, and you can find a lot on it, somewhat like reddit, except even more wild west. You have the option of posting anonymously or under any name you choose to use at the moment and starting any topic you feel like starting. As a result there is a lot of good topical info but also flaming in the most horrible ways you can imagine or worst. On one hand it is honest but brutal. On the other hand, it seems to foster the worst instincts of certain very hateful people, like citydata is reported to do.
There may be some value in letting people say whatever they want online and getting it all out on the table. At least you know where you stand. At another level, the fact that people make racist comments, is really not so healthy for our public discourse. People spewing negativity is not very productive, not to mention not a very adult type of behavior.
It is a mob mentality, a cowards' mentality, and contrary to our American spirit.
Thomas Jefferson said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom". And it has also been said, "the only thing that allows evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing".
Wake up, America. Toleration of belief and religious freedom is the rock America is built on. But tolerating belligerent behavior and blatant racism will undermine all that America has achieved to promote humans living peaceably together. Dave Chappelle had a skit on what if the innernet was your neighborhood, well, guess what, folks, it is.


8 years ago

Constant outing of posters. Cyber-stalking and harassment is common. Site is not safe.


9 years ago

Allows anonymous posters to post with images. Frequently this is porn. Site provides good info on Fairfax County.

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