3 years ago

My fianc茅e brought a wedding dress from this website. What arrived was a poor replica and nothing like what was advertised. The dress was damaged and arrived without a label. Tried to get a refund but the company just ignored the request saying to take it to a local shop, get it repaired and they will give a 10% discount? This dress was not even close to what we chose online and based on this experience can only assume this is a fake website designed to take your money without every delivering on what is sold. Goods were ordered through a German website which would usually mean it sticks to EU regulations regarding consumer law however the refusal to refund despite damaged goods being revived shows you can鈥檛 any website. Waiting to see if the police can get them closed down. Have seen that I was not the first victim and unless something is done, I will not be the last.

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