5 years ago

I ordered 3 dresses, and when I got them, 1 of the dresses was green, and NOT gold…. they asked me to send some pict, so I did, they keep saying there is nothing wrong with the color.. like I cant tell the difrence between green and gold, DONT SHOP there…. they sell copies of original dresses, and they don't give a sh.. about their costumers… I will never shop there again… EVER


5 years ago

I ordred 3 dresses, 2 in champagne color and 1 in gold, I recived them, all they all were perfect size, and the quality was fine, BUT I got 2 in champagne color and 1 in GREEN…. its so ugly in green 🙁 , its gold on the inside, but a nasty green color on the outside….
ive send them about 8 different pictures, and they say the color must depend on the invoriment… omg… are they blind, ofcourse I can tell the difference between gold and green….. I hope I can text here again, and tell u ive got a good costumer service, if not, I will never shop there again, I will let u know…


5 years ago

De snakker om 5 % refund! Det er de v忙rste dealers!
Her er hvad de skrev:
"Just to be clear, on your website, its mension that you will give full
>refund. Why would you only give 5 % refund for the dress??

>serious, what is this 銆?br />

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