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PBS KIDS Games is a collection of interactive and educational games designed specifically for young children. Developed by the renowned Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), this app offers a safe and engaging environment where children can explore, learn, and play. With its diverse range of games based on popular PBS KIDS shows, this app provides a fun and educational experience that promotes early learning and development.

The PBS KIDS Games app features a wide variety of games that cover various subjects, including math, science, literacy, problem-solving, and creativity. Each game is carefully crafted to align with educational standards and is designed to enhance critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and other important skills in young learners. From helping characters complete challenges to solving puzzles and exploring virtual worlds, children can embark on exciting adventures while learning and having fun.

One of the key strengths of PBS KIDS Games is its focus on educational content. The games incorporate educational concepts and themes from popular PBS KIDS shows, such as “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Odd Squad,” “Wild Kratts,” and many more. Children can interact with their favorite characters and engage in activities that reinforce important skills and knowledge playfully and interactively.

How to Play

Playing games on the PBS KIDS Games app is easy and intuitive. Here’s a guide on how to get started:

  1. Choose a Game: Launch the app and explore the collection of games available. You can browse through different categories or search for games based on specific shows. Select a game that interests you or your child.
  2. Game Instructions: Before starting a game, read the instructions or listen to the narrator’s guidance. The instructions will help you understand the objective of the game and any specific rules or controls.
  3. Gameplay: Once you start playing, follow the on-screen prompts and interact with the game elements to progress. The games may involve tapping, swiping, dragging, or using simple gestures to complete tasks or solve challenges. Pay attention to the visuals, sounds, and cues provided in the game to guide your actions.
  4. Learn and Have Fun: As you play the games, you’ll encounter educational content and challenges that promote learning. Engage with the activities, solve puzzles, answer questions, and explore the virtual worlds. Enjoy the immersive experience while acquiring new knowledge and skills.
  5. Game Progress and Rewards: Many PBS KIDS Games offer progress tracking and rewards to motivate children. Celebrate achievements, earn badges, and unlock new levels or content as you make progress. This adds a sense of accomplishment and encourages continued engagement with the app.

PBS KIDS Games App Download


PBS KIDS Games provides a safe, entertaining, and educational platform for young learners to explore and learn through play. With its wide range of games based on beloved PBS KIDS shows, children can embark on exciting adventures while developing essential skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Download the app and let the learning and fun begin!

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