3 months ago

There is no such thing as no money down folks, it's a scam!

My business partner, Mr. Elman Sahibi, met a decrepit old serial get-rich-quick scam victim called Sasha Herman at a networking event. It was she who introduced him to progressive property.

After attending the free event (where they showed him ferraris and lamborginis), he was sold the get rich quick scheme.

Within days I noticed a change, he thought our business, which we had worked 2 years building was taking too long to make him rich and he was going to become a millionaire using no-money-down strategies.

He stopped working, started skiving off at the office and even began STEALING from the company bank account to pay for these SCAM get-rich-quick courses.

I knew INSTANTLY it was a scam when he first mentioned no money down, if these techniques worked so well, why do the trainers not do them and make tons of cash from it?

It's because it's easier to sell courses for thousands of dollars to the desperate, naive and the poor, than it is to actually make money in property.

Completely culty vibe, they're all apparently going on their "property journey". It's cringe and pathetic.

Not to mention the totally ethically bankrupt business model they push of Rent 2 Rent.

Literally renting run-down properties, filling them up with as many desperate poor people as possible and skimming the profits of the misery, true slumlording.

There's little I respect less than a lack of honor, the complete bankruptcy of it is beyond disgusting.

I thank Progressive Property for showing me the ugly, dishonorable true-form of my disgraced former business partner Elman Sahibi.

Other than that, they're a bunch of worms and leeches, they get rich selling you dreams. It's a scam folks.

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