3 years ago

I told the company over the phone in plain English what needs to be done: cleanup the weeds and clean up the fallen leaves. At the day of the service when I came to check the work, it was half done with no weeds got removed. I asked nicely the person in charge to fix the issue and he refused. I just deducted a small portion of $50 from the total and he threw it onto ground and threatened to sue me. It's not that I am afraid of that, just didn't want to waste my time from busy life so I paid him the full amount with the half-done work.

I contacted the owner and told him the terrible experience. Instead of getting it resolved or get an apology of lying about the work, he sent me a reply saying "your really cheap, your English sucks as well", a second bully after lying on the work content and did a half-ass work.

dishonest, disrespectful, lousy. I am guessing it even doesn't have a license as they listed their company using some apartment complex address without giving specific unit number, a fake address…

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