Family Insights

2 years ago

I must have used Family Insights in the past because I got an email about 2 months ago from them talking about their relaunch and offering a free trial. I decided to give their "new app" a go.

It is different from Family Zone because these guys don't block any of my son's access, instead they send through "alerts" to my phone when he is on something bad. At first I was concerned about this because my friends had told me it is better to completely manage his device and I didn't know what I would do when I did get one of these alerts. But I got a free month so why not.

I was able to very easily set up my son's phone with the app, and I didn't realise but he has access to his own dashboard too so he can see for himself his own usage statistics. He also found this really cool feature where if you click on his gaming stats, it throws up dad jokes. I don't have this feature on my dashboard though – potential bug?

I thought for ages that maybe the app wasn't working properly…I could see his statistics but wasn't get any alerts??? But then I got an alert that he had visited the Dan Murphys website. They have some really good advice about how I could talk to my son about visiting dan murphys, too, and it made it a much easier conversation and surprise surprise, I didn't even end up grounding him for looking up grog!

So far I have really enjoyed the app, and have started using the Location Tracking too. If you log on to the web portal, I put my son's school address in to be notified when he leaves and enters school. If I don't get an alert at 8am when he is supposed to get there, I call him (his bus is late).

Really happy so far with the app! Still on my free trial, but I think I will sign up to the monthly subscription after this.

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