3 years ago

I wanted to buy a sphynx kitten so I emailed these people, it seemed a little fishy so I asked for a phone number to hear a voice. It was a text free number so it still seemed odd and there was poor reception. He asked for $650 total for shipping (from El Paso, TX) through MoneyGram. I payed and on the day of delivery (the next day) I got an email through "WestWay Flights" concerning the insurance which was $970.00. I was confused and said I don't have that, why didn't you tell me this prior, etc. He offered to help me pay the insurance and then I finally saw the truth. I tried to call him to discuss this matter and he said he was in a business meeting all day. It was then that I realized what had happened. Something that is actually sortof scary is on the end of the email they mention "insurance could save the life of your pet…should he develop cancer or require surgery, as was the case with (the name of my dog who got cancer)." The websites look legitimate but don't be fooled. (麓鈯櫹夆姍`)

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