Family Survival System

4 years ago

It is not in the consumer's best interests that search engines sell their souls to the highest bidders. Frank Mitchell who created Family Survival Systems is a good example. His plethora of fake reviews have monopolized the top pages of search engines to the exclusion of true independent review sites. Emails from his site are programmed to block printing of them and his ads are also programmed to block printing. His advertising methodology follows the snake oil format that has been around since Alley Oop. His product might or might not be worthwhile but one can easily build without risk ones own strategy from available free and reliable sources. I am a old hand, 60 years, at survival strategies which I have practiced since youth. Always be wary and check the reputation and history of a seller. Never believe a person who has a vested interest in a product. Desire for immediate gratification catches the suckers. Do your homework well.

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