Famous Jackets

5 years ago

I have never experience any problems with FamousJackets.com if you buy from them and the product has any issues, they exchange it or refund the money. Honest and Recommended


6 years ago

I bought a jacket, at Famousjackets.com, and got the worse experience ever!
First the jacket was 20 days to late, on delivery. Then seconly the jacket was NOT AT ALL as described, and shown on the picture. and then they almost refused to give me the returnaddress (it toke many emails, and days for them to finaly give it up!), and just delayed the process even more. And when i sent it back to them, they first lied about reciveing the jacket, but I sent it with 'Track and trace' so i knew that they had recived it. And then they said that they couldnt give me a refund, because now to many days have passed since i made the order! – but the delay was caused all be them!
This is the worse website/ company i have ever bought from! and im writeing this to warn everybody else, NOT to buy ANYTHING from this horrible company, because they will probably just cheat you and practically steal your money, and you stand at the end with nothing.

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