5 months ago

Jacked my money
my order never been processed – never arrived Complete scam.
I tried reaching out via email, Which they never responded to. The email address was a dead-end. It did not receive messages, it left "customers" with nothing but the realization that they've been robbed.
(And also they the shut down the website a couple months later which proves even more than it was a scam from the Get-go)


6 months ago

Complete scam. I ordered my hoodie several months ago and have been emailing back and forth with their 鈥渟upport鈥?team to no avail. They took my money and ran, simple as that.


9 months ago

Scam!!! I never received the items I ordered and it's been almost half a year already. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!


11 months ago

100% a scam. Took my money and ran! It's been nearly 6 months…

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