4 years ago

I recently submitted my ILR application through them for me and my wife and I have to say, I have not come accross any lawyer firm so un organised.
We were chasing them till last minute to make sure they have everything put together and they left it so late and were always very reluctant to give time even when you have paid in full.
They made far too many mistakes in the form and had no idea about half of my documents and what to attach. Whole experience has been very stressful and we were on our toes throughout.
They took far too many clients and blamed it on how busy they are but that is not acceptable.
Few minutes before they submitted our application, my wife still found many mistakes in the form and cover letter and had to get it changed. No peace of mind. Lets hope we get the ILR approved as we have no confidence in them and had to constantly rely on information gathered from the internet.

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