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6 years ago

THIS IS A JOKE! I purchased a backpack for my niece a few days ago and yesterday I received a package. It seemed strange that the package that I received was very small 鈥?it is impossible to fit a backpack in there. I opened the package. They send me鈥? SOCKS! The packing slip clearly says Backpack 鈥揌ot Pink. I am yet to deal with them about my refund, but after reading all other reviews not looking forward to that.


7 years ago

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Everything they sell is FAKE. I bought a prada bag which looked good in the pics. When I got it, I was SO appalled. The gold on the hardware was PEELING OFF and had blackened and the material was so cheap and hard. I did return it and even though I got an email saying my refund would be with me in 5-10 days, it took nearly 2 months for it to be returned. They are responsive in emails though, but they kept having excuses for the delay.


8 years ago

Still waiting for my refund. It's past 7 days and nothing. Debbie keeps telling me she'll take care of it but nothing!


9 years ago

Bought a fake Prada bag for almost $500. How do I know it was fake? Well, the bag was listed as BR3571 a "vitello diano leather shopper handbag". When I received the bag the certificate of authenticity described the bag as "Nappa stripes". Even worse the paper certificate of authenticity had BR3571 and then lower down BN3571. The problem I learned with the name is that Vitello means calfskin and daino means deerskin; neither is nappa leather.

Also, dead giveaway, the "brass fitments" came wrapped in paper and plastic. the reason is to stop the spray on gold paint from scratching in shipment. Prada bags have real brass which does not need the protection and so have no paper or plastic on them. The paint feel was obvious. Other than that the fake was very well done indeed. The stitching was very high quality and the zipper was a genuine one.

When I called, Fashion 58 said "no problem" we will get you another authenticity card. I asked how could that be done? If the card can just be made independently from the bag what exactly is it authenticating? No answer.

Another red flag was the complete lack of shock, horror or argument when I told them that they were selling fake goods. The response was an immediate "no problem" ship it back and we will pay for shipping etc. In other words, the philosophy was to fly under the radar.

Stay far far away from this site if you value your money.

How these folks get away with this is amazing. I put a call into the FBI —"Yawn".


9 years ago

Agree – website is not authentic and shady. Tried to do a bait and switch with me on a kate spade bag purchase. DO NOT ORDER from here.


10 years ago

Please beware, this store sells counterfeits. They were advertising on a regular web site that I visit. There was a Prada handbag I was looking for everywhere, the price was too good to be true. I was hesitant to buy, tried to find some reviews but couldn't find much because they were new to online. So I went ahead and bought the bag. Well bag arrived and was the most hideous fake Prada bag! I was very mad and upset because I trusted the advertisements I was seeing. I confronted Fashion58 right away and they denied selling fakes and said they allow returns. I did just that and demanded a full refund including shipping fee since this was an ugly counterfeit bag. They refunded me in full. But I am sure a lot of people don't know that they are selling fakes and they count on that to scam innocent people. So do not buy from Fashion58 if you are looking for authentic items because they sell fakes!

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