2 years ago

Anmeldelse for den i Glostrup (p氓 engelsk, da jeg ogs氓 skrev den p氓 google) It feels like they just want your money – and they don't care about you as a customer. Well that's OK I suppose since that is how businessess are, but in the service industry at least they could pretend to care. I paid 550 for a pedi and a manicure – I was told it would last around 1 hour. It took 35 minutes and basically there was no really good service (or any service) I felt I was being sped through the process which was unpleasant. Se seemed grumpy the lady who did the job and like she just wanted to get it done as fast and simple as possible. Other places I've been it's customary with more soaking, it's common to use something on the nails before applying polish (so that it will stick better), applying 1-2 layers of polish and a coat. The end result is ok but that's because I just insisted on the basics (clear polish, nothing fancy). Also, in the shop it says 600 kr for this 'service' while the website announces 550. When I pointed out this discrepancy they were at first like, well, that's the price (600). No, it's not. When you website announces 550 it's 550. And trust me, 550 is an exorbitant price compared to what you get. Don't go. Just don't. Their Danish isn't good and English doesn't seem to be a strong point either, so communication is notoriosly difficult. Edit: they did not remove the old nail polish on my nails. Also, the polish they applied lasted 2 (!!!!!) days. Don't bother, it's so not worth the money

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