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2 years ago

Dreadful company. DO NOT USE. Contacted them in June, yes we will send forms to you…never received. Called them back two months later, new forms posted. I completed and sent back. I called them today, no record of me or my forms…blamed Royal Mail. Twice?!


2 years ago

My wife and I used this company to recover PPI. They were successful in recovering PPI from a bank, on behalf of my wife, and I paid their invoice as soon as it was received.

They later recovered PPI from a credit card issuer that I had used in the past. As soon as their invoice was received I called their offices and gave my debit card details to a member of their staff. However, they continued to pester me with text messages about an unpaid invoice. I simply deleted these messages.

Just under a month later, and before I had received my next bank statement, I received another invoice from them and sent them an email querying it as they had not informed me of any further PPI recovery. In the absence of a response I spoke to my bank and it transpired that the person who took my bank details had not processed the payment. The advice from my bank was to request written assurance that the card payment would not be processed and then send them a cheque.

Following the bank's advice I sent FAST PPI another email explaining what had happened and asked them to confirm that my card payment would not be processed. I informed them that, on receipt of this assurance, I would send them a cheque. Again, I received no response.

I then tried calling them, three times, but, on each occasion, my call wasn't answered. I followed this up with an explanatory letter sent by First Class Recorded Delivery. My letter was delivered to their offices the day after it was posted. However, I received no response.

Approximately two weeks after sending my letter I received a telephone call from their accounts department asking me about the overdue payment. I explained the whole story to the caller and he said he would speak to his manager and get back to me. Within minutes of ending the call I received a threatening text message from them. This continued, on a daily basis, for just over a week and then I received a text message giving me until 2 pm that day to pay up or they would put the matter in the hands of a debt collection agency.

I visited my bank the same day and, at their recommendation, cancelled my debit card to prevent FAST PPI from processing the payment. My intention was to send them a cheque. However, I received another text message just after 1pm to say that the matter had already been placed in the hands of a debt collection agency and that I would now incur additional charges.

My advice is to stay well clear of this company as they are in a state of total disarray and simply do not communicate.


3 years ago

They are a pain in th neck! Fair enough I filled in an easy on-line form so I can understand them phoning me initially, however I had decided not to proceed and so informed the caller from Fast PPI of that. Rather than accepting my decision the caller almost interrogated me as to why I had filled in the on-line form! Since then I must have received at least 30 calls (probably more) and each time it is the same rhetoric, 'why did you fill out the form then', 'you asked us to call you' they get very pushy. They have ignored all my request to take my name off their database and it has got to the point I just hang up now. I did take one of their calls today but it is impossible to get rid of them without hanging up, even then they call back later. I have now blocked their number, I should have done it sooner!


3 years ago

Firstly I had a successful claim PPI charged me before I had received th cheque then said Ring now because I had not paid them. I rang and was told the cheque was in the post, so I pad them.

My daughter works as a Bank manager said no I should not have paid as the cheque has to clear.
Despite reassurances the finance office would check my status and get back they never did.

I insisted on speaking to someone other than a telephone operator and spokepepe to Tom Customer Service Manager

He said he would get the office to contact me but get back to him if I head nothing which I did. He reimbursed the. Amount Charged after I rang Marks and Spencer鈥檚 because they had been given the wrong address which did not match my current address.

Was shocked to also see VAT added.

Use them for my husbands NO Way


3 years ago

Phoned my 90 year old father, claiming he had given them his details. I am referring this to the police, the FCA and the BBC.


3 years ago

Having spoken with a claims advisor from FastPPi (Tom Parks) I agreed to the conducting a free search on my behalf. In the process I negotiated a lower fee of 25% inc VAT – I subsequently received an email in confirmation.

When the claims documents were received they stated a fee of 30% plus VAT would be chargeable in the event of a successful claim.

I rang the helpline and explained that the documents (LOA – letter of approval) would need to be amended to reflect the negotiated lower fee to allow me to sign and return.

The Customer Services Representative (Ailsa) responded by saying the LOA was not able to be amended and that I should sign it and return the document – whilst attaching a copy of the email that I received.

I expressed my concerns on this request and refused to progress on the basis that I am signing one document authorising their higher fee and would need to trust them to apply the lower fee. I refused and explained that I would not sign a legal document that has incorrect information stated and would not trust them to stand by the lower fee.

I then proceeded to request an explanation in writing the reason why they were unable to amend the LOA and expressed my concerns that they were operating in a dishonest manner. This request was denied and was met with a condescending.tone from the CS Operator and when challenged became combative and defensive. The telephone call ended with me feeling that this company is operating with no integrity and if I had signed this document then they would have enforced the terms that I was signing my name to.

The CS Operator rang back to say that if I had a complaint then I would have to put it in writing to which I replied that I had verbally expressed my complaint in the conversation and that I would complain directly to the FCA Ombudsmen. Her reply was "go ahead and if I did not write a letter to them to register my complaint then the FCA would not act on my complaint". Sums up the attitude of this business!

This has now escalated to a complaint to the FCA Ombudsmen as I would not wish anyone else to be misled and treated in the same manner.


3 years ago

My Wife has just started the process of making a complaint about Fastppi and I feel that this is the only way to go with this company – no doubt we will have to contact The Legal Ombudsmen in a few weeks time.

Basically they advertise as a "No Win No Fee" company for claiming mis sold PPI. My Wife used them to claim for compensation from one of her previous credit card suppliers.

However, the Cheque she received for the compensation was issued in her previous name and so she was unable to pay it into her Bank or Cash it. She explained the situation to Fastppi who 矛nstructed her to return the Cheque to them along with her Marriage Certificate, which she promptly did – since then she has never received another Cheque.

However, since then my Wife has received numerous text messages and emails from Fastppi demanding payment for their services – a service which they seem to be inept to fulfill sadly.

Yesterday was the final straw, they sent a letter stating that she was overdue her payment and they sent an Invoice showing that her Total Payment to Fastppi to be Hundreds Of Pounds.

Bare in mind that this is from a Company that advertises as "No Win No Fee" and yet my Wife has not yet received a penny for PPI Compensation and even if the Cheque had been in her correct name it would have been just over 拢100.

I should also that Fastppi never return any of my Wife's Calls and as yet have not even acknowledge that she wishes to make a Complaint.

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