Fast Track Physical Therapy

1 year ago

I've had nothing but good experiences so far at Fast Track. Scheduling was easy and the therapists and techs are very efficient. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which impacts all the ligaments and joints in my body and it's hard to find people that are knowledgeable about the diagnosis, but the owner, Brian, and several of his therapists are highly trained on EDS. They are very client focused making sure we are addressing the problems I want to focus on most. Finally, Fast Track is up front about costs even before I arrived. They ran my insurance card and were able to give me a pretty close estimate of what my visits would cost.


2 years ago

I'm thankful for the wonderful professionals at Fast Track PT. i was in very bad shape on that initial visit – lots of pain, and very little range of motion in my neck/shoulder. My PT, Leslie, worked with me for many weeks to improve my range of motion and teach me how to improve my strength in a healthy way. She helped me by using a variety of techniques, and was patient when I needed a moment to get used to my body doing things it had not done is decades. Now I am moving better than I have in years. I recommend!


3 years ago

These people really seem to know what they are doing. Bridgette used the dry needling to help my lower back pain that I have had for a couple of years. Great staff and customer service. I referred five of my friends and they have all experienced the same results.

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