9 months ago

After I paid for the parcel, they ask me more money for the custom, and the details are not match.

I had met online through a dating site, "dating app for a serious relationship" whose name is Kelvin Thomson, from North Carolina, he sends me a box I thought he paid for the shipping but he let me pay first for it, worth 47,900HKD but after how many days, the fast link company messages me that it was held by the custom and need to pay for the certificate, so that's the time that I was dismay knowing that it was a scam.


1 year ago

Fake Courier Shipping company

This is a fake website used to trick people in paying money before theirs goods are dispatched for delivery. They charge up to $5000 for delivery services. The phone number is a mobile VOIP number and the contact page has a far different information from what they use. They may have forgotten to edit the contact page. Please have it taken off the internet immediately.

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