3 years ago

This domain primary activity is Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you are not familiar with CDN find

Fastly is not open source. But they extensively support lots of open source projects such as Drupal, Debian, Linux Kernel Organization, TOR. Read more at

This domain name is owned by the for profit corporation Fastly, Inc.
So there is a potential risk that they or will collect your private information to try to monetize it.
Source at and

Fastly are located at 475 Brannan St. #300
San Francisco, CA 94107.

Read more about Fastly at


4 years ago

This is a CDN, so it will distribute content for many sites… some contents will be required for the site to work, other might be useless


7 years ago

This site provides javascript resources to .
I don't know why they couldn't be hosted directly on github, but without this site, github lacks many bells and whistles.

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