4 years ago

My family and I had come down for the day and were looking to rent some jet skis, we drove by a general store and they had Jet ski and boat rentals for cheap. We went inside and rented a small boat and a jet ski. When they were doing the checks on the boat it was making a weird sound and wouldn't start up and they did something and just kinda blew it off. They dropped the boat and jet ski in the water and went on their way. The boat stayed on for about 10 minutes before stalling out and not turning back on. We waited two hours for them to come assist us while we were stuck in the middle of the river. When they finally came to help us and pull the boat back they told us we are the reason the boat broke and took our $600 deposite. We've now read all of their Yelp reviews and all of them say the same thing.

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