2 years ago

I received returned/damaged faucet, and then had issues with the second one and after ongoing calls often with MANY minutes on hold I got someone in a senior position. Despite intimating they were in the office of the president they reneged on what was promised, made up that I agreed to something I didn't and ultimately I had to send copies of emails that I was thankful I kept to them to get them to do the bare minimum to help me. I had a plumber out 3 times (2 extra visits) at my expense and documented the bill to them. I will be waiting 4-6 weeks for a measly $50 and had to pick a different faucet far more expensive after the first one obviously doesn't work. They've since removed it from their site. I got the attitude that I stretched their goodwill despite dealing with this for 5 weeks, MANY emails and phone calls and a lot of hassle. Never use them again, nor build.com nor any other alias they work under.


3 years ago

The worse online service. I will no longer shop with this company. The cheated me on a next day shipping that took two days to ship. They stole the 40$ I paid for something I didn't get.


4 years ago

Safe website about home decoration.


5 years ago

I received damaged merchandise. I reported this to them and they have made no attempt to contact me or fix the problem.


5 years ago

We've purchased qty: 3 sets of Duravit 212001 Stark 3 Elongated toilets. They've arrived without the toilet seat and cover! The add does not indicate that the seat/cover is not included. It's contrary to some other similar adds, which have this information included.
After spending over $250.00 for (three) toilet seat and cover, they've send incorrect item! (wrong model). Such disappointment, in such simple procedure. Be aware! …don't waste your energy!


6 years ago

A terrible company and experience. Lost much time and had much frustration. BEWARE of FaucetDirect


7 years ago

Faucetdirect.com is owned by build.com

I ordered a glad tub door from them after a lot of research online. They best the next best price by $35, shipped quickly, packaged it well to keep it unbroken, and had a customer service rep call me to make sure I received it and everything was good. Would order from them again!


7 years ago

For our remodel our family found our kitchen and bathroom sinks here. They had the brand we were looking for which was important and it was cheaper than my local store. I'd shop there again.


9 years ago

Today I had a milestone. My 25th fabulous experience with faucetdirect. Quick shipping, great prices, everything as described and arrived in great condition. This company has it down. Their prices are generally the best, but even if they are a little higher on a few items, if you have a big project, I'd pay the difference to deal with this company.


11 years ago

If you order anything from this company you are automatically signed up to receive junk email without an opt in for junk mail.


12 years ago

Beware of their posted return policy. They state it may take 14 to 21 business days to issue a credit.

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