Favero Dental

7 years ago

I took up their offer of fairly reasonably priced teeth whitening but he tried to sell me thousands of pounds of cosmetic treatment instead. It was done on a very hard and aggressive sales pitch during which I was told my teeth were basically a mess and without spending thousands of pounds they would fallout! I left feeling very,very upset. The next day I went to see my regular dentist who reassured me that everything was fine. The cut price whitening seems like an offer to get you through the door after which he will go on relentlessly about how awful your teeth are and construct computer imaged of veneers that he thinks are essential. It is hard to get away, I think I was in there an hour. Unless you want veneers that are twice the price of ones from your usual private dentist don't go here. He doesn't want to simply whiten your teeth. Not recommended.

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