10 months ago

Order number 71764-

I placed my order on April 8th and got a missed call from them that they have my order on hold and to please call them. Since then, I have called and emailed and not received any reply. Of course I never received my stuff and I paid extra of $38.47 for shipping to get it in a timely manner.
All calls go to voicemail no matter what time of day you call.
We have sent this order to dispute since we can't even get a call or email back.

Order 71764


1 year ago

This is the worst company to do business with, specially for special events. I ordered 130 wine glasses, which included an extra 5 wine glasses. 9 wine glasses came damaged from printing. I contacted the company via email and phone (which their phone never worked) multiple times before finally getting a response. They asked for pictures of all 9 glasses. After, they stated they could not reprint and send me the glasses that came damaged because they can only print in quantities of 24 at a time, which is a lie because I ordered 130 which does not equal to an even 24 count number. 130 divided by 24 equal to 5.41 prints. I ordered gift boxes for 130 glasses as well which didn't come in with my order and I had to contact them for that too. It was an additional cost per glass. They charge a set up fee for the 130 glasses as well and a delivery fee even if you select no rush delivery and it totals to 0.00 at first until time to check out. They stated all they could do is refund me for the 9 glasses, not to include any set up fee or for the gift boxes I purchased for those 9 glasses. They stated I should of order 2 or 3 extra from the count I needed. I told them I ordered 5 extra and 9 came in damaged from how they printed them. They stated they charge it to the postal service and claim it through the postal service as damaged when shipped and that why all they refund is the glasses. The items where not damaged in shipment. They were damaged by them by them in printing. They are commiting fraud with the postal service. Now I do not have enough glasses for all my wedding guest and I am 2 weeks from my wedding. I still have not received a refund. I will be contacting the post office and reporting them for fraud as well. Do not purchase from them!


1 year ago

I recently ordered a couple sets of personalized logo match boxes for a corporate client of mine. This was my first experience ordering from Favors and Flowers, so I had some initial questions about the purchase and process. Within a day, Joanne responded to my email and helpfully answered the questions about my concerns. When I received the image from my clients and sent it in, Tishonda sent me proofs of the order to sign off on – and they looked fantastic (honestly, better than I even hoped). The shipping was also surprisingly expedient considering we didn't pay to have them expedited. I noticed the package in front of my shop as I was headed out to meet with my client, so I brought the box along with me. I was still very nervous, as I'm not really one to open a package in front of clients before I've had a chance to look at it, but they were excited and I was too. Upon opening the box, my client gasped and exclaimed, "These are AMAZING!" What a relief! They loved them, and I loved them. My client immediately declared we should order more!

As another business owner, here is what I'd like to point out:

– We received excellent customer service.
– The entire process was very prompt, despite me asking a bunch of questions.
– The quality of the product in relation to the price was unbeatable. (I still am shocked at how high quality the labels are.)
– The swiftness of the order completion and delivery was outstanding – I honestly did not expect to get our order as quickly as I did.

We're looking forward to using Flowers and Favors more frequently! Thank you all for your help and efficiency!


2 years ago

Worst experience prior to my wedding – trying to get credit for a card box that never came. They say "I'll call you back" and never do, or I get a reason why they can't process the credit and that someone else needs to look into it and THEY"LL call me back – they never do. This issue is stale by now, probably a year now, so I've dropped it. Would have been nice to get my 50/60 bucks back though.. The only reason I wrote this negative review, is becasue I received spam in my inbox from them telling me that they've enclosed an invoice for $634.38 – witaf!? (this reminded me of how crap they were to deal with). Waste of time, money and effort. I'm telling you – buy elsewhere. I've maybe written one other negative review in my life lol. Hope that's saying something. I'm usually quite easy to please..


2 years ago

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2 years ago

The reason I'm not giving 1 star is because I'm still hoping I can get a reply quickly saying that my order has been shipped. It was supposed to have been shipped on the 30th of April, still we haven't got a reply from anyone.
Either ship it or reimburse me fully.


4 years ago

I'll start off by saying I did not receive my full order initially. I contacted them via email and never received a response. My fiance contacted them by phone and they tried to make up some lame excuse. According to all information I was given the entire order would be shipped together and I was provided with a single tracking #. Upon receiving the order I was missing items. Their customer service tried to claim that the emails provided states that not all items are created at the same time. A total bold faced lie considering I was provided a single tracking # that stated delivered when I had received the box that was missing some of the order.

This alone is enough evidence for me to come to the conclusion that this company is a joke. The items are of your average quality souvenir store type merchandise. They dont even place the stickers on the items and I dont mean custom stickers ordered separately.

I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone and I look forward to spreading the word on any website I can find that will allow it.

Word of advice, just be honest. So you forgot to mail one of the items. I still have 3 months till the event. You dont have to attempt some ill-conceived lie trying to claim multiple packages were sent with the same tracking number.


6 years ago

From the moment i called this company, i have been treated really nice. I was assured about my order, helped me with my order, got email confirmation for everything. I didnt have to worry a bit. I was shocked to hear human picking up the phone. Other companies didnt even pick up my call and some hasn't returned my call till today. So i am glad to go with Favors and Flowers. Thank you for all your help.


7 years ago

I needed some personalized napkins but not sure how to go about that. Favors and Flowers came up when i searched it. I saw their lines of napkins and designs. There are so much to choose from. I am very bad ordering and reading stuff which is why i called Favors and Flowers to place the order over the phone. The customer service lady named Rony was so helpful and patient with my order. She was very much informative and took my order is few minutes. Right away i got an email confirmation. All the information given to her over the phone was correct. Within couple of days i had the napkins by my door. They are pretty. I have ordered from online before and i never received such an excellent customer service and throughout my experience with Favors and Flowers was Excellent. Today i have placed my 2nd order for Personalized matches. Their designs are very exclusive and beautiful. I strongly recommend this place for any bride to place their wedding order and they WILL not be disappointed.


11 years ago

We ordered champagne flutes for our wedding and the order was never received and no correspondence from the company was ever received. Be careful if you order from favors and flowers.

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