1 year ago

Terrible service.

I contacting Favour Sports for some womens clothing, mainly leggings and tops. They assured me it would be no problem and I even sent them samples with DHL.

I waited forever for their version to be ready and the quality was absolutely shocking, they completely misunderstood the requirements and eventually they just blocked me.

I couldn't believe it.


1 year ago

I placed an order for a number of suede belts, communication was OK up to this point. Delivery took a while but the problem was when they arrived. They were completely wrong, normal leather and not suede!
I contacted the factory and the manager is a guy called Babar Ali, he honestly had no idea on the difference between suede and regular grain leather. He said it was my fault for not specifying further then he stopped replying before finally blocking me.


1 year ago

After being contacted many many times by Ali from Favour Sports in Sialkot, Pakistan. I decided to try them out for an order of weightlifting belts.
The first PO had lots of problems with the majority of the belts being made incorrectly, not only that but I received a massive customs bill because they didn't ship properly.
PO's 2-6 were similar, poor quality, delays, shoddy craftsmanship, each time they would tell me it wont happen again. I stated if it were to happen again then I would move to a different supplier.
The final PO was more of the same, not only that but they failed to rectify all the previous problems which left me in a tight spot with many customers expecting their products. I informed Ali (babaralirana241 at gmail.com ) that I would no longer be working with him. At this point he went into a sob story saying they had invested 30k into leather for me and he had lost his job as a result. Absolute nonsense.
The replacement belts for the many faulty ones never arrived and all correspondence gets ignored.
There are a ton of companies doing similar business in Sialkot, avoid Babar Ali from Favour Sports like the plague, he's a dishonest man who will let you down on orders.

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