1 year ago

They made my life more easier. I have business with them to take care of the buying, checking, preparing according to Amazon FBA and shipping of products. Very convenient!


3 years ago

The service they provide is great. I actually find it kinda hard to source personally the products I'm selling to my FBA business to China. Shipping them is one major concern I'm handling, as the supplier I buy from can't directly ship my orders to Amazon Fulfillment Center as they are not skilled in complying with Amazon FBA requirements. But FBAOps. makes everything easy for me, not only they helped me in buying the items I need but they also do the shipment of them directly and readily available and in compliance with Amazon requirements. They helped me big time! Thanks!


3 years ago

I have been able to outsource products from China without going through too much hassle and stress. They have been able to help me buy the products I need for my FBA business and have them shipped to Amazon Fulfillment Center in compliance with the packing and preparing requirements Amazon requires. I think I will stay with them for long, as they can help me focus on other concerns of my business. I just hope they will continue to help me succeed in my venture!

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