1 year ago

This is one of the worst companies we have EVER dealt with – wish you had an "0 star" review rating as that is what I would award this company. We changed our delivery from every week to every 4 weeks and stopped direct debit until we received invoice for amendment.
FCC credit control phoned and spoke to one of our staff and said our direct debit had "bounced" !!!
i phoned them and complained that.this had been said to a member of our staff who had nothing to do with finance, let alone our business financial matters. I felt it was a breach of data protection.
Customer services apologized and said it should not have happened however I was then contacted by by another manager and the response to my complaints were disgusting – the manager began the conversation by telling me how good his member of staff whom I was complaining about. His attitude was also disgusting. I then cancelled our contrast – and believe it or not have been charged for closing the account despite appalling service !!!!!!!
So if you want to contract with a company that is totally inefficient, unprofessional and charges you for closing the contract – then FCC is the company for you……


4 years ago

FCC Telford – They have changed our collection date, as apparently the week before they emptied it by mistake (only a bit of rubbish in there). Thus when we know our collection is due, we clear the warehouse out and fill it. Bin is now overflowing as they wont collect it till next week! Unacceptable.
Not able to speak to the local depot nor a manager. Breach of contract – i'll be cancelling with them. Avoid, use someone else!
This company is not fit to serve as a reliable business service.

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