3 months ago

Fake company. Ordered shoes, never got them nor tracking number nor reply… 100% SCAM!!!
Check their e-mail


1 year ago

Not legit! Ordered shoes, got some generic tracking only after I emailed twice, then received a fake Cartier bracket (from a shoe place???). Never got an email with any order placement info, just PayPal information. Email shows somebody named Nelson Dragon. Thankfully my post office was able to provide a photo and exact details of delivery, and PayPal was helpful. I did have to return the bracelet (which is ridiculous because no response from company or whoever Nelson is on why they weren鈥檛 paying for shipping since it was a very wrong item), but PayPal refunded for shipping as well as for the coat of payment too, after no response from seller. Don鈥檛 waste your time, and definitely don鈥檛 give credit card information.


1 year ago

This company is a SCAM and Is really located in CHINA. I order a pair of NIKE shoes, with an expected Delivery 5-business days. The package took 4 weeks. I never got the shoes BUT a package was left at my doorstep that contained costume jewelry in a small shipping envelope. There is No way on earth SHOES would have ever fit this package. PAYPAL is also ENABLING this scammer to conduct business in the USA, as PayPal is well aware that this is a scammer as they have been busted for NOT refunding a customer's money before. ONLY after the customer called the local NEWS Investigate, Paypal honored its MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

(Google)=Customer fights Paypal for refund after scam) DONT TRUST PAYPAL to have your back. They are scammers 2.

If you have been scammed by this company or PAYPAL, please file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) & CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, BBB, and your STATE Attornery General Consumer Protection Agency. I did and I got my refund


1 year ago


ordered some Nike Sneakers – site looks legit – a pair of FAKE Raybans turn up about 3 months later!
ended up getting my money back from my credit card company and they said this company is a fraud.
The email changes daily from hotmail / gmail addresses – and you cant get hold of anyone. Pure Fuckery!


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