10 months ago

What a complete shambles, complete fraudsters this company. We have been in touch and cancelled our direct debit and they have re set up without our consent.
They are literally fraudsters stay clear of them. Do not go anywhere near them.


1 year ago

@ Trustpilot – the company鈥檚 name should really read 鈥淔ederal Capital Ltd.鈥?br />

Be very careful what you wish for. If it鈥檚 a loan maybe try and look somewhere else. At minimum do some research on the company.

Federal Capital鈥檚 website states, that they are providing business loans in the range from 拢5,000 to 拢200,000. Their last balance sheet states that the company had approx. 拢10,000,000 owed to them by debtors. You鈥檒l also find in the London Gazette, that Federal Capital was the petitioning creditor to 29 bankruptcies in 2019 alone. You do the maths….

Their complaints procedure states: 鈥?If you have a complaint and we cannot resolve this, then if you are eligible you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.鈥?Alas, what they fail to mention is that as someone who took out a business loan, you are never – at least in respect to this loan – eligible to enlist services of the Financial Ombudsman.

In case of Federal Capital, check the Companies鈥?House website and the charges that are registered against Federal Capital and read their content. Then you鈥檒l know what will happen with your loan


1 year ago

Bunch of Wan kers

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