8 months ago

I have never used Fein before. I was looking at buying they're impact drill set, however, after reading the reviews, l think not. After sale service is very important to me and my business. If l ignored my customers concerns, ( as it looks as though Fein is doing ) I'd be out of business.
Most of my tools are Festo, now Festool, best tools ever. Not made in China.
Thank you for your reviews. I'll stick with Festool.


3 years ago

DON'T BUY FEIN POWER TOOLS IF YOU VALUE YOUR BUSINESS! I cut my teeth in business on Fein tools and have used them since 1988, I own 5 of their power tools and use them hard every day, every few years I get them rebuilt which is ALWAYS a mission, back in May of this year two of my electric sheet metal shears developed problems at the same time, to save time I tried to send it back direct to them, I was told in no uncertain terms that this is not possible and I had to return it via one of their dealers, so I dropped the offending item off at Wellington Welding Supplies on 16th June, it has now been with them for a month and a half and I am losing work every day because of it, there has been little or no contact from either company and I have had to chase them EVERY WEEK, they don't respond to phone calls, I never get the promised return calls, Fein are blaming Wellington Welding Supplies and Vice-Versa. I have now had to resort to buying another machine….. NOT a Fein I hasten to add so, I tell you what guys, you keep the machine, even if I had it back tomorrow I no longer have any faith in either of your Company's ability to repair it again, so chuck it in the bin, I'll do the same with the other one I've got and will replace the other 3 with other makes as and when they are due for replacement. Admittedly good tools but the After-Sales is the worst I've ever come across in 30 years of business. I hope that your CEO Mr. Richard E. Geitner gets to see this as he is very good at hiding his contact details….. I wonder why?


6 years ago

Excellent products, but after 2 months of occasional use they do break down ! Non communicative after sales service, total disregard for customers requirements, continual excuses, complaints to Fein Germany were completed ignored.
Even their stockists are exasperated by their unprofessional attitude. Do not buy !

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