3 weeks ago

I've been ordering at "Femme Fatale Fashion" since the 22th of May in 2020 and haven't stopped buying there ever since. The customer service is amazing, if I have any questions regarding the sizes or for styling advice I can always ask them and they'll always answer asap. I'm a total fan of "Femme Fatale Fashion" their clothing line is always up to date and exclusive, most of the things I bought at "Femme Fatale Fashion" I couldn't find at big brands like Zara. I really like being able to wear up to date clothes, without wearing the same thing as everybody else, (which happens very often when I buy my clothes at bigger brands). Their delivery is also great, the last time I ordered I received it immediately the day after. Besides all of my positive experiences, the woman behind this is truly a very kind and trustable person. (And I don't even know her personally, I just can tell from my experiences as a customer). She does her job great and she has grown so much with her company ever since I first bought there. The company never disappointed me in whichever way. If you are ever doubting about placing an order here, I can tell you right now that you definitely should place that order!

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