3 months ago

Rubbish stupid company!!! Not giving money back. When you call them all the service centre says is that they going to send a email. No one calls or emails back. I was given a voucher in March 2020 I said no to the voucher send my bank details. I was told I would get a refund within 2 weeks then got another voucher said no again and the I was told December 2020 or December 2021. Absolutely ridiculous company and ways of working!!! Taken to my solicitors


5 months ago

We booked with Flix for 2 reasons – 1 it was the cheapest option and 2 – cancellation policy. We made reservations only to find out from our friends who are staying at the same hotel, the hotel is not re-opening b/c of COVID. Our friends were reallocated to a sister property, however, we were not notified. I reached out to the hotel and Flix to see if we could be moved to the same sister property. The hotel responds back and says no problem. Flix responds back saying that the hotel will not respond to them and they are cancelling our itinerary (total BS since I received comms from the hotel the same day). Flix says they will refund us but they cannot put it back on our credit card and will need our SWIFT and IBAN codes. We immediately called our credit card company to tell them what had happened and to stop payment for Flix. I'm glad we were able to catch this in time before we were scammed but it sounds like several folks weren't as fortunate.


6 months ago

I had booked one night in June to stay at a Flix hotel but it was cancelled due to Covid. I had free cancellation on the booking so am entitled to a full refund. I have received an email saying my refund might take up until 31.12.20. This is obviously not acceptable. In these strange times only book with someone you can trust to do the refunds they promise. I will be taking further action shortly to try to obtain my refund.


7 months ago

GUTTED. They have kept my cash.
Something needs to be done.


7 months ago

I booked my hotel last year before the corona virus even came out. I was supposed to go on the 21st of July but the hotel got shut down due to the situation and would not be opening any soon. I wanted to cancel my booking so I sent them an email asking for a refund. No one has responded so far but I won鈥檛 give up and I will still carrying on sending them emails until I get my refund.


7 months ago

Cancelled my booking and kept the cash.

Hotel have confirmed they have never been paid by Flixhotels and would have allowed us to reschedule our stay if it had not been cancelled by the booking agent.

Rude immoral staff that are profiteering from a global pandemic.


8 months ago

I agree with the other reviews, this company is a sham, and must be avoided – AND – they are still advertising FREE CANCELLATION. See copy below taken from their web site today!!! "Bayswater Inn
Free cancellation"
I also tried to cancel my booking for a stay at an English hotel in November 2020, just one day after I booked. After sending them 4 emails and getting replies telling me stuff about German Government cancellation rules, I have also been told that I must wait until December 2021. I will now email all hotels using Flix and offering free cancellation and post on those hotels' trip advisor pages.


8 months ago

I want my money back. nothing more to say.


8 months ago

Encontramos la oferta de FLIX HOTELS a trav茅s de TRIVAGO.
Cancelamos nuestra reserva (CANCELACI脫N GRATIS) unos d铆as antes de que se declarara la pandemia porque decidimos no ir de vacaciones viendo el problema que se avecinaba. Una vez que cancelamos, inmediatamente recibimos un correo electr贸nico con la confirmaci贸n de nuestro reembolso. Pero el reembolso no llega.
Adem谩s nadie nos avis贸 que en el momento de hacer la reserva nos iban a cargar en la tarjeta de cr茅dito todo el importe. Nos enteramos por un correo, que nos lleg贸 inmediatamente despu茅s de hacer la reserva y otro con el cargo total en la tarjeta de cr茅dito… SIN PREVIO AVISO!
Les envi茅 numerosos correos electr贸nicos reclamando nuestro reembolso y ellos ponen todo tipo de excusas. Lamentable!!!

脷NICA SOLUCI脫N PARA RECIBIR EL REEMBOLSO: Como no recibimos ninguna facilidad por parte de FlixHotels, decidimos poner una RECLAMACI脫N A VISA y por fin despu茅s de 16 semanas VISA nos ha hecho el reembolso!!!

We found the FLIX HOTELS offer through TRIVAGO.
We canceled our reservation (FREE CANCELLATION) a few days before the pandemic was declared because we decided not to go on vacation seeing the problem that was coming.. Once we cancel, we immediately receive an email confirming our refund. But the refund does not come.
In addition, no one told us that at the time of making the reservation they would charge our credit card for the entire amount. We found out by email, which arrived immediately after booking and another with the full charge on the credit card … WITHOUT NOTICE!
I sent them numerous emails about why I had not received my refund and they make all kinds of excuses. Regrettable!!!

ONLY SOLUTION TO RECEIVE THE REFUND: Since we did not receive any facilities from FlixHotels, we decided to put a CLAIM TO VISA and finally after 16 weeks VISA has made the refund !!!


8 months ago

I have had the same dreadful service as my of the posters below. Saying they will post the money back into your bank account and then changing to a credit note and stating if you want a refund you will have to wait until 31st December 2020.
I have e mailed the details of my complaint to the uk office for European Consumer issues. I have also this morning wrote to Angela Merkel ( nothing ventured nothing gained !)asking for her help


8 months ago


They promise to trasnfer my money back, after 2 months never happened, now they send me a voucher which i dont want……



8 months ago

I had same issues,
Cancelled 3 months before going. Email back in a couple of days, saying cancelled, and would take 4-6 weeks for refund, fair enough,
Several emails to keep pestering them, that they didn鈥檛 reply to.
4 weeks pass, get a voucher, saying not going to refund,
Claimed money back via MasterCard chargeback.
They were quick to reply to say my voucher was cancelled in about 2 hours.

Just get the banks to get your money back.


8 months ago

I have now received another email stating that a refund is not possible as its a non refundable booking, however, the hotel went bust so they cancelled the contract and not me.

Can anyone who is taking action against them, please get in touch and i'll do the same

jason at foxcotefire dot com


8 months ago

Hi people, you and I everyone are in the same situation, I bombard Flixhotels with emails I also contact Trivago search site engine where I got Flixhotels from.
I have been informed today that Flixtravel will change there time frame on refunds: it is know 31/12/2020 so still have to wait 7 months until refunds are paid out.
What I have also done is put in a complaint through the European Commission for consumers a network of consumer protection.
My case is now in motion and suggest you all do the same.
Good luck, we all deserve better than this..


8 months ago

See also my (and other people鈥檚) reviews for flixhotels.com (without the dash) On Trustpilot.
I am planning to mail them every day that I want my money back immediately. I encourage everyone to do the same.


9 months ago

– 1/3/2020: Booked a fully refundable hotel with Flix Hotels for End of April stay
– 3/22/2020: Canceled booking due to Covid situation. They owed full refund of $595
– 3/23/2020: Flix Hotels asked for bank details (iban, swift code, etc.) to process the refund
– 3/24/2020: Bank details provided
– 4/7/2020: Upon my followup on refund status, Flix Hotels asked me cooperate with them as their employees are impacted by Covid causing refund processing time to 4-6 weeks
– 5/9/2020: Asked me to cooperate again for some more time
– 5/15/2020: Sent me an email saying due to a decision of Federal Government of Germany on April 2, 2020 they won鈥檛 be refunding the money but will issue a voucher instead of $595
– 5/26/2020: Upon my request to refund the money instead of issuing the voucher, they canceled the voucher and sent an email saying my refund will be processed by 12/31/2021. They need 19 months to process my refund.

What a fraud. I plan to talk to my credit card company and file a dispute because I have no hope of getting my money back from these thugs.
And they have the audacity to mention at the end of their email 鈥?Please note that we cannot provide any further information or details about the current status of the refund as this would extent the processing time unnecessarily. Thank you for your understanding鈥?


9 months ago

Terrible. Free Cancellation not being honored. They've sent a voucher after I expressly asked for a refund. Cancelled a month before my cancellation deadline.

Attempting to recover costs through VISA.

Anyone had any luck getting money back?


9 months ago

I have made a 'free cancellation booking' for which I have paid premium. I have cancelled my booking within a time frame and received an email to wait for 4-6 weeks. After 10 weeks I got an email in German saying that I will receive a voucher instead of full refund which is infringing the terms and conditions I have read before making a purchase. This company is a scam, employees are rude thefts.


9 months ago

Please get away of this travel booking agent. They are going to use whatever trick they can to rip you off, avoiding any refund. Despite the fact hotel confirmed reservation was cancelled by the travel agency and funds returned, following local Spanish law due to covid19, Flixhotels declined to proceed with the refund using some vague excuses and using German law (hello? This is Europe and European laws prevalence over local legislation) to back up its answer. They invited me to use my travel insurance to recover my money. Flixhotels are shameless and eager to scam you. Watch out and avoid to use their services.


9 months ago


This company are a bunch of lying thieving crooks that will take your money and you will never ever see any of it again. They are based in Germany and are impossible to get hold of. You would be better of setting fire to your money than giving it to these scumbags.

If you wonder why they are cheap it鈥檚 because you will never see the hotel or any of the hard earned money you have paid back.


9 months ago

2 months after cancellation confirm on a booking for Easter in La Linea (Cadiz, Spain) I didnt receive any repply, nor any refund. They use to work in Spain through Trivago. Of course, they never repply to emails or take the telephone as they are a criminal agency dedicated to smam people.

Flixhotels are basically criminals focused in make money scamming people during the COVID-19 pandemic.


9 months ago

Do not book with this company.
Cancelled within the time frame and refusing a refund only a voucher offered. DO NOT ISE FLIX HOTELS


9 months ago

Guys, would you be interested in a group law suit against Flixhotels? They are all feeding us the same lies with cancellations. There are 3 people associated with it: Sabine Theiss, Jessica Schuldt, Managing Director: Jens Vogel

Court of Registry: Hamburg HRB 155585; VAT-ID: DE323214102

Email me at vera_kc at hotmail (dot) com if interested. A bunch of dirty liars they are. I've cancelled before the free cancellation date. They are running a real scam with a multi step answers scenario they came up with to drag it out so that those of us who book with Visa get outside of Visa dispute dates.


9 months ago

Booked in November, hotel went bust in February, only found out by accident.

Been in touch with Flix hotels and they still say they are investigating.

Now involving a solicitor to investigate and they still keep on delaying.

Will never use these again and will actively deter anyone from using them again


9 months ago

I agree with everything said in the privious review. I cancelled my FREE CANCELATION booking (worth over 拢2.5k). They offered me VOUCHER. I said that i do not accept voucer and demand a refund to which i have a full right. Then they replied that German government is still due to annouce rules regarding vouchers. This is not true! There is no auch law in Germany! According to german laws you do not have to accept voucher.
The. they said they can only offer money refund after December 2021!!!! What a joke. I will be seeking legal action agains them.

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  1. i booked via Trivago for 1200€ 2 rooms at the crownplaza. apparently it went via Flixhotel. it is the worst company ever and please boycot this company. Because of Covid I could go, holiday cancelled. i received after 1 year a voucher but it did not work, After 50 Emails and 10 phone calls they now claim I did not get a refund. it is a big scam and also unbelievable that Trivago still works with them

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