2 months ago

I've been with Flixtor for 2 years now. Great selection of movies and tv shows for a great price. Very often a lot of different languages available as subtitles. When they went offline for a couple of weeks, they added those lost weeks back to my subscription automatically. The proces of becoming a member is a bit strange though, but I did and I have no regrets.


1 year ago

This is the best service. For one low monthly fee of $15, you can download and keep all of your movies and shows. This site has most T.V shows and Movies ever made. You can watch them on there web player. And you can download everything. Download all 31 seasons of The Simpsons, and all Star Wars movies and any movie and/or T.V show seasons, or individual T.V shows that you want. All for one low monthly fee of $15. A great deal !!.


2 years ago

excellent site to watch new movies for free . they offer a paid service but i find more than enough free movies to watch .


2 years ago

Great movie and tv show website.

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