Four Seasons Ford

2 years ago

I find out my car needs $1500 worth of work because Ford Season's Ford Hendersonville NC didn't do a repair correctly.

This isn't the first issue with this dealer. 5000 miles ago I got a tuneup but they didn't gap the spark plugs correctly(didn't gap them at all) which led to coil pack & PCM failure(a $1000 repair). I had a tuneup done on another car & the spark plug wires went bad after 5000 miles. Neither car was safe to drive.

Yet another car had a lock actuator replaced but that wasn't done correctly. Wanted to do $500 more in repairs to fix what they didn't do right

Yet another vehicle they charged $800 to replace the coil pack & do a tuneup. When the CEL came back on they said I needed a new engine for $5500. I took it somewhere else. It needed a valve job for $1500. It took them an entire year on another vehicle to replace the engine.This is just another problem in a long line of problems I've had with this dealer.

Why would I take my car to Four Season's Ford Hendersonville NC to repair something they caused? All I can say is beware of Four Season's Ford in Hendersonville North Carolina. You never know when you will be one of the unlucky ones.

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