5 months ago

Rob made me realise how important SALES is. Imagine, even if you had the best product in the world, no one is going to buy it if you don't know how to sell it.

Even that knowledge alone is worth so much. Everything in the world runs on the ability to sell.

So if you want to start basically any business, you should get Rob's course 🙂


5 months ago

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to start my own business. For years I was always told "wait until you're older and you have more experience". Now I know what total rubbish that is.

One thing I do know is you need to surround yourself with like minded people or you will end up taking on the thoughts of people who are not like you!

Fox Web School has been a huge support in my journey so far. The school goes beyond just web design, the things you are taught and skills you gain can be transferred into any business.

The amount of value this course offers is incredible. Rob is always looking for ways to improve and add to the course in the best ways possible.

For anyone who doesn't know where to start in their entrepreneurial journey this is a great place to start. For anyone who has started but is struggling with creating a profitable business this is the perfect course for you too.

This is easily the best course to spend you money on and would highly recommend to anyone.


5 months ago

I was a member of the Fox Web School for about a year during which time Rob went above and beyond to help me develop both my sales and interpersonal skills. Ultimately, I needed to turn my attention to other pursuits, but it wasn't because the school Rob's put together is lacking–Weekly live calls, a fantastic facebook community, plenty of videos covering actionable skills, and Rob always reaching out to push me further than I thought possible. If you're looking to set up a web design business and break through the difficult threshold of landing your first client and building from there, It's an amazing value for what you get and I can think of no one better to help you succeed. Thanks for everything, Rob!


5 months ago

For me, joining this group has been a game changer. I've always had a passion to want to run my own business but the struggle is knowing where to start.

Web design is the perfect place.

Rob and the team have set up a course that will give you all the necessary skills to not only become a successful web designer, but a successful business owner.

The course is orientated toward sales, prospecting & designing web sites. These are a perfect combination to get you going. You will then naturally flow into other areas such as accounts, outsourcing, marketing, negotiation and so on.

The main aim of the programme is to set you up for a big entrepreneurial journey – and I believe that is was 90% of the group are here to do.

The community is incredible. Everyone is super supportive and one huge thing related to success is surrounding yourself with the right people.

I could go on for pages but I'll leave it there! Thanks guys.


5 months ago

I first came across Fox Web School on Youtube after I had started to work on my own websites.

I was so impressed with the value that Rob was giving in these videos, I bought his Web Design Business Foundation course which explained step by step, how to prepare for prospecting calls, how to sell value over price, how to close the deal.

His clear, no-nonsense style gets the message across in a clear entertaining way.

Highly recommended.


5 months ago

A good place to grow a profitable web design business in the fastest way possible.

Weekly calls, accountability groups, video courses and many other useful resources to help you start, grow and leverage your web design business.

I don't give 5 stars because when I joined the were a lot of info missing, but know you have everything you need to grow you web design business.


5 months ago

This program has been a game-changer for me and my business.

I've been a part of the Fox Sales Legends program since December 2019, and I can honestly say without this program my web design business would have never gotten off the ground.

Before I joined I was stuck in inaction and frustration, not knowing how to take my (minimal) web design skills and start making money from them. Within two weeks of joining the program, I was able to land my first paid client and since then the momentum has only increased.

But what makes this program special isn't just the sales knowledge and skills you gain. It's the strong community of like-minded people who are all looking to help each other succeed. With everything going on during the pandemic, Rob and the rest of the Legends community were pivotal in helping me stay grounded and keeping my business moving forward. That alone was worth the cost of the program.

What's more, the program is always evolving and Rob and his team continuously look for new ways to add value to the students. I'm very happy with everything so far and super excited for what's to come.

*Note: while this program has been incredible for me, it's definitely not a "quick-fix" for business success. You really have to be willing to put in the work to get results. The lessons and support you get from the program will just make the path a lot easier to navigate.


5 months ago

I鈥榤 a member of the Fox Web School for 4 months now and currently in the middle of doing the Fox Sales Legends course as well as building my own webdesign business.
The courses are extremely well put together and Rob leads us through the lessons in a very professional, likable and sometimes fun way. I鈥榲e learned a lot in the 4 months so far, not just about webdesign, but more about what the overall idea of the Fox Web School is: helping others and filling their needs.
I highly recommend the Fox Web School to everyone who not just wants to learn webdesign, but who wants to build a real business based on helping other businesses and therefor setting you apart from the big number of webdesigners out there.
There鈥榮 also a very active Facebook group, Slack groups and live calls with a tremendous amount of insight into webdesign, sales and leading a business in general.


6 months ago

A program that invests as hard as you do. I've been a member of the Fox Web School for a year and have seen the growth and passion Rob has put into this. The content and interactions are 100% geared toward the success of the first timer trying to get their $1,000 website to the experienced person going to the next level. As with any exercise program, paying the membership fee to a gym and not working out, you're not going to loose weight. Same applies to this program. This is not a get rich quick program, but a program that demands effort, time and passion.


6 months ago

I don't remember when or how I found Fox Web School and Rob O'Rourke, but it was like finding gold in terms of shifting my mindset from a website developer and digital marketer to a sales person and problem solver.

People don't buy websites or Google Ads.. they buy solutions from people they can trust to solve their problems. Rob's courses and YouTube content and his straightforward and plain-talking style have helped others like myself to think of ourselves as problem solvers, to focus efforts on finding businesses in need of solutions we can provide, and in quickly building up the trust required to close a four- or five-figure sale.

Rob can help beginning website developers understand the process of building a website that adds value to a business, and guides advanced developers understand how to attract high quality leads and close deals. He's confident and pleasant, and is eager to help his students in the private forums that go with his courses.

Highly recommended to step up your game and turn your passions and technical skills into a proper business.


6 months ago

Rob has been really helpful in starting my career as a web designer. Sales has always been a weak point for me and Rob's course has been a lifesaver.

The best part of the course is the community that Rob has built, you can ask any questions and everyone is ready to help you out!


6 months ago

Before I found Rob, I had reached a point in my career where I knew I needed to learn how to communicate my value effectively but didn't know where to learn this well. There are so many salesy people out there and most of them I wanted to avoid. I felt like there was a right way of doing sales that didn't come off as salesy and manipulative, but I had no idea where to start. Then I found Rob through his Youtube channel (Fox Web School) and after binge-watching all his videos I learned he was mentoring a group at the time. I bit the bullet and boy am I glad I did!

I learned how to close sales and to really understand how the process works. As I have more conversations, I can see where people are having a hard time understanding the value I offer and how I can help them understand that. The skills I've learned have affected my professional life profoundly as well as my personal life. I am now closing 5 figure contracts and my clients love my work because they feel it's genuinely worth it! (I hadn't closed a single contract in my life before I found Rob)


6 months ago

I found Robs group from a reddit post years ago where he was just offering value and insight. He didn鈥檛 even have anything to sell back then but just wanted to help people understand a better way to approach web design selling for businesses.

As Rob grew in his offerings I followed him from his small courses and larger premium groups. Every step of the way Rob helped me understand multiple aspects of how to properly position myself in selling value instead of focusing on features and design. This allowed me to be confident in raising prices to selling a $5k website and multiple $3k websites all within a year.

If you want to learn how to sell, why to sell, and how to position yourself as someone who will get web clients results, then Robs鈥檚 course and pro group is essential. His teaching on getting your first paying clients be a quick way to get a solid return on your investment. Coding and design is secondary and can be easily learned compared to knowing how to add value to a client and knowing how to sell them the proper solution for their business. Rob teachers all of the above.


6 months ago

Before Fox Web School I tried a bunch of businesses that all failed one by one. In the end I understood I didn't grasp a lot of concepts of doing business, Fox Web School was for me the main thing that helped me understand the most essential things of owning a business, mainly by helping other businesses.

I was one of the early students and over the years that gave me a complete toolbox of skills that are still valuable for me. What is great about FWS is that it's mainly focused on how to stand out, how to be different than most web companies and how to thrive in that. In the first months of signing up I closed 4 figure deals and it didn't stop there. In the meantime I was building a ecom business and that appeared to be an excellent combination. With the money I made with webdesign, I could invest in my ecom business, while also creating online marketing campaigns.

What is also cool on FWS is that the content is constantly improved and renewed. The content is never outdated and you'll get a lot of new insights.

This is the perfect kickstart for any aspiring business owner. You'll learn everything from the whole sales process until how to provide high quality material for clients, without going into technical details. If somebody would come to me and ask me where to start, I would point to Fox Web School without a doubt!

Highly recommended!


6 months ago

Rob's course and school isn't about websites – anyone on udemy or YouTube can easily teach you to build a website.

What is the core of his teaching is SALES. And that's something that's stuck with me – you could be the best designer in the world, and still be eating dirt becaise you don't know how to sell yourself.

Yes, he teaches about web dev too, but he made me realise how important sales is (and how it basically drives ALL businesses)

In short, if you want to build a sustainable business around web dev (or frankly, any other business as well), get this course.

It's well worth the money, and you will not regret making this purchase.


6 months ago

There really aren't words to express what my experience has been like with Fox Web School.

Far beyond selling methods, is the mindset that you get while going through the course content. The thinking of a business owner, because in the end no matter whether you are doing web design as a side hustle or if you go all in with it you've got to treat it as a business.

This knowledge has helped me not only on my business, but in other aspects of my life. It has helped me grow incredibly.

Also the internal Facebook Community has a great sense of a community where you can safely ask questions and other members actually help you and make you feel comfortable asking. It's also great for contributing with my own ideas and tips for others.


6 months ago

FSL came at a critical point in my life. After struggling for a year with my digital marketing business, I knew that sales was my sticking point that was preventing me from seeing big results.

I never addressed it because I was genuinely terrified of sales and always looked for ways around it. I had some bad experiences at a summer sales job back in 2015.

The content in FSL is like installing a new software into yourself. The way I see sales is a complete 180. What I used to see as something competitive and like ripping off the customer, I now see as a way to genuinely help them and also help myself.

Anyway, the content is super straight forward, tailored down to the essentials, and very effective. Don't get me wrong, it's tough work and not a 6 step process to overnight success sort of deal. But it's the best guide out there to the most important part of business: getting new, high quality customers.

I would highly, highly recommend the FSL program to anyone who is considering web design as a business or even freelancing.

For my personal results, I was able to move out of my parent's home into a live/work office building. I have tons of time now to work on an ecommerce product of my own. 9-5 is something I'll never have to consider. Knowing you can find a high paying client any time you want is a huge confidence booster all around.


6 months ago

I've undergone a serious transformation in my business. Without a doubt, the investment I made in the programs from Fox Web School have been some among the best investments I've made. They've helped me grow for myself and my business, given me the information on how to get started, and the community has helped me push through countless obstacles thanks to the culture shared with other like-minded business owners. There are also so many good things to say about the people running the program so I have no problems recommending Fox Web School for anyone who's feeling stuck and wants to get started with a business to gain more independence and financial freedom.


6 months ago

Prior to joining Fox Web School, I was building cheap websites (~$400/site) to finance my traveling habit, but I didn't realize at the time how insanely poor my business model was.

With the help of Fox, Rob's videos made me reevaluate my practices. I now operate on value-based pricing, and I've put together a tight-knit team that over-delivers on projects consistently. To put it in perspective pricing-wise, our last project was well into the five-figure range.

I firmly believe that none of this success would be possible without joining the Fox Web School and learning from both Rob and the group that he put me in touch with.


6 months ago

Before I start, let me introduce myself first so you can see why I rated 5 stars. I鈥檓 from Thailand where they never encourage us in school to learn coding (Society always tells you to go for engineering or medical science). Therefore, I have no background in coding at all. Started my journey from scratch. After entering Fox web school which is packed with practical lessons, I鈥檓 able to build business-focused websites within a month. What is more important is that I can sell my service to people which I never thought I can do this ever. People are afraid of selling because of annoying techniques those salesman used to sell to us. What I learn is a completely different technique that not only client like but it feel right for me to sell. The people in the course are also super nice. It鈥檚 been a life changing experience for me so far.


6 months ago

Took Rob's course around 2/3 years ago. Some of the points in his public Facebook web design group really hit home. I've been involved in the Web Design industry for around 15 years or more and have been lucky to have a steady stream of good clients who pay well and appreciate what I do.

But around 3 years ago after my first child was born I decided to take the leap and scale my business. I wanted a more structured and steady income to be more comfortable. I've never been in the position to try pitch or win projects. I found myself competing on price, and completely undervaluing the quality I was bringing to the service.

Rob has been great for a huge shift in my mindset, valuing the work I bring to clients and making me realise that not everyone after a website is for me. Previously I'd have become stuttery and nervous pitching on a project around 鈧?k mark despite having the knowledge that I can deliver.

Now I'm comfortable in conveying the value I can bring to a project costing 鈧?5k or more. Coming in too low of a price/confidant for some clients contributed greatly to not winning projects I could deliver a great result.

Have managed to also build up a great little network amongst other students on the course. The sharing of tips and reaching out for help/suggestions in the running of the group has been invaluable for me, and if I'm honest the ONLY reason I still have my Facebook account.

Coming from a web dev background with limited sales/business experience this is 100% recommended to grow from dev to a proper agency. The biggest thing I've learned is using a website to actually sell for a client, and not just design a pretty page and wait for client to supply text. The more successful non eCommerce websites I've built are all about strong content and clear messages.

For anyone on the fence about making an investment in themselves for this course, Rob mentioned: "If you pick up one new client/website from taking this course, this would be the course/investment in yourself paid for". Highly recommend anyone in a similar position to check it out.


6 months ago

Rob's courses have changed the way I value myself and my business for the better. I've learned so much about sales practices and his course was amazing value for money! I'm so grateful!


6 months ago

After giving up my 9-5 to look after my wife who is disabled, I needed something to keep my mind active and possibly earn a bit of money from. Fox Web school taught me not only the basics of Web building but also the best way to sell to potential customers. The support network behind the content is up there with the best, too.

Thanks Rob and the team


6 months ago

It gave me great insight an confidence when starting out my web design business. With their support and guidance over the past couple of years I have grown my business for part-time to now employing 2 people and working full time.


2 years ago

Would give them 0 stars if I could.

They empoly disgusting tactics of stealing content from private Facebook groups and putting it on their own website pretending they have written it themselves, apart from they don't bother to change any of the names – found my own name numerous times on the site.

If they do this for their own website, I'd hate to see how low they would go for the clients they service

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