7 years ago

According to some reviewers they are not a scam site, but there is no customer service so they might as well be.
Do not order from this site until they fix their customer service, and their cart glitch.

When I was submitting my order there was an error that said my order did not go through. However my card was charged for the full amount, and it was a pretty expensive item. I wasn't too worried because it's a simple fix. They either refund me the amount, or send the product I payed for to me. Easy right? Think again.

Naturally I opened a ticket, but then it was closed with no response. This is when I started to worry. So I created an account and opened up another ticket. NO RESPONSE FROM THEM FOR WEEKS. They clearly state that they respond to tickets Monday through Friday within 48 hours. They do not. I am still waiting for a response and this has turned into a nightmare.

Their customer service is some of the worst I've ever come across in my online shopping experience. Buyer beware that if you have any problem with your order, or experience the glitch I did, you could be in unknown waters like I am. I'm a patient person, but this is rubbing me the wrong way.

I haven't even gotten a response from a computer like the other reviewer has. That's how bad this is. Having no customer service to handle problems is just as bad as a site that scams people. I've sent in 4 tickets so far, and all of them have been closed with no response. This is unacceptable.

I'm walking away from with the same experience as I would with a site that is untrustworthy.

No product, lost money, and they aren't picking up. That sorta feels like a scam to me.


8 years ago

Purchased a new Intuos pad, price is great, offered free shipping but I purchased expedited because I saved on the initial purchase. Received item in 3 days as advertised and have had not a single issue. Great service! A++++


8 years ago

I would not recommend FoxxDeals. They offer low prices but do not have customer service. You have to register to ask a question and then you get a canned response. In my purchase experience I felt like I was dealing with a computer. The site and the interaction lacked a human quality. In addition, the company took the retail webasite offline for an entire day so that they could make updates? Not what you would expect from a retailer. Their refund/return/exchange policy was 14 days from purchase date. Jan 1st they changed it to 18 days which makes purchasing items as gifts or in time to assess difficult. In my situation, the item purchased was a gift it arrived ten days after purchase date. Once opened I realized I would have preferred the professional model which was twice the price. Due to the 14 day return/exchange policy I was unable to exchange the product. This seems really crazy. In the end, I sold this item and plan to purchase the more expensive model from a competitor. They lost a sale and they lost a customer.


8 years ago

Price is great with free shipping. Service met my expectations. Pleased!

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