5 months ago

Bought a BetaFPV Beta 85xWhoop in April 2020. While I hadn't time immediately, I unpacked it in August during my holyday. It seemed to have problems in flying, it spontaneous drops within flytime out of the sky. So I contacted them and sent it back for investigation. Although I had done for 3 days many troubleshooting and upgrades in the firmware for the particular electronic components, the problem stayed the same. The only thing I couldn't do was replacing the electronic components, which I don't have. The person, who took care of my case, sent me his conclusion that there was no problem to find and he had flown himself for about 10 minutes without any problems. He denies any of my complaints about this product and gives really no useful advice or solution to fix the problem. In the beginning he had sent me some email that he had not immediately time to test it right away. So 2 weeks went by. I said to him after his final conclusion that there was no reason to keep it any longer and he returned it back. When I got it back, I made a video about the flying and the problem. So I sent this video to the person, who took care of my case. I had test flown it 4 times and none of the flights ended without this same problem. Now this person sends me back more useless information and tips to investigate, if my batteries and Remote Control Transmitter are good enough. My final conclusion, he doesn't want me to give any replacement to satisfy a customer. His service is to my opinion very poor and he really denies my problem with this product by giving me useless help and advice.

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