7 years ago

Very poorly made product. My iphone 5 case had unfinished edges with splinters, and I would lose 2-3 bars of signal when putting it on. They also have a dead-end return policy (send back and pay for shipping yourself (to China) then, IF the product is considered unsatisfactory, they'll refund you). This is a scam. They produce cases that cost a few cents per unit, charge about $30, and make sure you'll never see this money again.


8 years ago

I would discourage anyone from ordering from this company – but do so forewarned. The products ship from China so don't be fooled into paying for expedited shipping. I did this hoping to receive my iPhone bumper before I went on vacation for 2 weeks. The originating shipper (EMS) did not deliver the item – instead it came via US Postal Service with a signature required. Of course I was not home to receive the shipment, so as we speak my bumper is sitting in limbo somewhere in China. iWowcases has been slow to respond to my e-mails and the tel # they published does not work. I will have to file a claim with PayPal and my Credit Card Co to try and get my $ back.


9 years ago

This company is either in China, or has it's products made/stored there.

I ordered a cover for an Ipad2, not knowing where it was manufactured until I was having problems with it's arriving within the 4-7 "business" days as I paid extra for. The messages I received were written in poor English, hard to understand, in which they offered to refund $8 if I was "unhappy" because the cover was late. I didn't accept until the cover obviously didn't arrive on what I thought was the the 5th day, the day I needed it to arrive. It was then that I was told it wasn't shipped until two days later……on the 8th, not the 5th as shops were closed in China on Saturdays, and then there was the "customs" problem……..none of which had been mentioned on the website.

Long story cut short: I ordered the cover on the 5th of August, with plenty of time for it to arrive at the destination (I thought) within the 6-day timeframe on the 12th. Not so, it arrived on the 17th, the full 7-days from the 8th (with me thinking it would be shipped on the 5th), having been caught in "customs".

So, I wasted my $17 dollars to ship a $45 Ipad2 cover. If the site had been more truthful, I'd known that the product was being shipped FROM CHINA, and had to GO THROUGH CUSTOMS before being shipped to the United States. No way in hades could it get here in the 4 days as advertised on their website. A complete lie as far as I'm concerned.

It ended up arriving 5 days after I thought it would arrive, simply because I had no idea of where it was being shipped and because it had to go through customs.

Don't waste your time. And, no they didn't refund the $$ although they'd offered to.

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