10 months ago

I am the COO of GlobeDreamers – the most complete platform which offers all the possible means to finance the responsible travel projects. Our travelers are mostly based in Europe, but we're planning to expand our activities worldwide.
We've decided to offer one more tool for our users – an Android/iPhone app, that would allow them to share various content (articles, photos and videos) with their backers, as well as to receive and execute positive challenges, to attract more donations.
We have been chosen as a partner for an important travel project with one of the largest French schools in March. We've had to agree on the MVP version and the most important features to implement – and have set a course for further tasks.
We have looked at various companies in France, US and Russia – but contrary to GeekForce, none of theme were willing to take up a project with such a close deadline, while keeping a reasonable price.
We've been in constant contact with the developer, who has been really insightful ! Having done all the tasks for the MVP version much earlier than our agreed deadline, he actually gave our tech team some "food for thought" on how we can further develop our API in the future.
With our CTO working on the technical issues, I have been in constant contact with the app developer for the app matters, and with CEO for all the financial questions.
I would be glad to update this section later, since the COVID-19 outbreak has quite messed up our plans…
But i'm still really glad to have a decent working app! 🙂
We've been in constant contact with the developer in Telegram, where he was sharing constant updates and "beta" versions for me to test.
Overall, I was truly impressed by his speed and responsiveness! He actually managed to do 1-month worth of work in ~2 weeks.
The flexibility of their solutions, their efficiency and their reasonable pricing – this mix has impressed me most of all.
They are up-to-date on all the most recent frameworks, they think of their clients while providing the solutions, and, most of all, they are putting all the efforts in order to comply with the client's situation, whatever it is: pricing, deadlines, technologies to use, etc.
If, when growing, GeekForce keeps their quality standard in the future – it would surely be their recipe for success!

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