1 week ago

I order a Threadmill and I receive a waistband, I am really confused. Well, will make a claim on my credit card. Disgusting way to do business.


2 weeks ago

Total ripoff


1 month ago

Ordered a Stihl chopper on extreme discount on Paid 24.98. Finally received a death weapon, 2 rings connected by a 1/4" blade. I guess its used to cut down small branches. Certainly not the motorized $299 Stihl unit promoted on their website. A Small envelope came from online seller at 188 South MountainHouse Parkway in Tracy, CA. Mailed from a zip code 90021. I don't know who investigates these issues but I sent notice to the state dept to shut down scammers on FB. FB should screen scammers like they censor messages they don't like. I encourage people to not be fooled by FB vendors. Better to search for products online and purchase from reputable known companies with good delivery and return policies. Forgot to mention website is closed down, so no way to reach them to request a refund or follow up with order. Bank had to issue refund with my dispute if payment.

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