5 years ago

terrible. went to pick up a car and one wasn't available. They offered to pay the difference after a extended negotiation. The booked a car 26 miles away..we have an infant we weren't going to ride in a cab for that long with. Finally got one set up after 6 hours of negotiation and a miserable baby. 4 months later, 10 emails, 10+ phone calls, zero call backs and a new rep that "just started" every single time later we finally got our money back. Good idea but a terribly run company with heavy turn over. Not worth the small difference in price.


6 years ago


After a long research for the best travel sites I have come to the conclusion that FlightJoker is a very good site. It offers great prices and allowes to filter the results very well. I think tey are still in the beta phase but it looks very nice until now….

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